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Are you ready to make a hair donation for kids? Start by following the 3 simple steps below.

1. Start Your Donation with Hair Length and Condition

If you’re interested in donating your hair to kids in need, your first step is to set a length goal. While we accept hair donations of 12 inches or longer, we encourage you to donate 14+ inches of hair; the more length you can donate, the more of an impact you will make. Hair cannot be chemically treated or colored. No dreadlocks. Hair must be clean and dry.


2. Fill out Donation Form

After submission of the online form, a page with personal  ID number/barcode will be generated. You will need to print or write down ID number/barcode and bring with you to the haircut appointment to be added to your hair donation packet.



3. Get in Contact with a Hair Professional

You will need a talented hair professionals to properly cut the hair ponytails and braids that are then donated to Wigs for Kids. Please contact us at (812) 490-8043 to schedule an appointment.

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